Thursday, 9 August 2012

Who is actually out there?

So week two of New Communications Technology is finished…shout out to Mr Ken Twohy for another awesome class! In the tutorial this week Twohy was telling as a story about “The Craigs List Murderer” and coincidently it was very relevant to my last blog and kind of back up my suspicions on the internet and how unsafe it is.  So I thought this would be a great topic for this blog considering it has links to my last entry.  So for those of you that do not know much about this story here is a little bit of background information.  “The Craiglist Murderer” got his name because of how the crime went down.  Basically Craiglist is a website similar to something like where you can advertise pretty much anything you would like to sell…including yourself! So a guy by the name of Philip Markoff who was also an American Medical Student was the man dubbed “The Craiglist Murderer”.  Philip was charged with arm robbery and murder of a female escort in the American city of Massachusetts.  He would, using Craiglist, book a date with a high class escort and knowing they would have a lot of cash on them at the time would rob them of all their money.   Unfortunately one night the robbery went wrong and the female escort was found dead and after police investigation Philip Markoff was arrested and put behind bars…..scary stuff huh??!!  I thought this would be an awesome story to share with you guys just to prove how unsafe it really is out there on the World Wide Web!  So remember people be careful out there even if you are just using facebook or in fact you are selling something online….because you never know who your buyer might be!


Matty O

P.S If you want to look into the Craiglist murder in more detail I have added some thinks below!

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