Thursday, 2 August 2012

The Internet...How safe is it?

So my first tutorial for New Communications Technology is done and dusted!  I went into it not really knowing what to expect but I think I’m going to enjoy the course.  Some of the assessments are going to be challenging as they are tasks that I am not very familiar with, especially the 2 minute motion picture and as you can probably tell blogging is not one of my strong points.  Something that really caught my eye in this tutorial was how unsafe, in terms of keeping your private life private, the internet is becoming these days!  Mr Twohy (our tutor) had us googling ourselves to see what it would bring up and pretty much everyone in the class had their Facebook page brought up, someone had a Youtube clip they were tagged in, and pictures of one of our classmates formal were up on the internet.  Now I know these are all minor things and they all knew that they were out but it just shows how easy it has become to be able to track people down on the internet, once you are signed up to any kind of social media account your image is out there for the world to see.  My occupational goal in life is to be a sports journalist (hopefully a good one) or even go into the field of sports broadcasting.  One bad picture that a friend has tagged me in on Facebook or a video clip someone has posted on Youtube could so easily create a bad image for me, one that could easily be viewed by my employers or future employees.  Mr Twohy explained to us how hard it was to keep his picture off the internet and remain private and I must say he has done a very good job considering his occupation (Assistant Film Director)….there is only one picture of him on the internet!  So that’s what I found interesting from our first tutorial of New Communications Technology, stay tuned for an update on next week’s tutorial!


Matty O

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