Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Is Myspace Old?

Once upon a time Myspace was the thing to have! Like Facebook today, everyone had a myspace, but is Myspace now considered as an old form of communication?  The internet was first used back in the 1960’s, with the first network being used in 1966.  The internet is still very young, so for me personally there is no way that Myspace could be consider old in terms of a way of communication however it could be considered old in terms of popularity.  These different social networking sites become old as new ones are created and grow in popularity.  Before Myspace it was MSN messenger which from what I could find was created in the late 90’s.  This was very popular until my early years of high school around 2003 which is about the time Myspace rose in popularity.  So overall personally I can’t say Myspace is and old in terms of communication when the internet itself is only  46yrs old but I think it can definitely be considered an old social networking forum now with the likes of Facebook and Twitter taking of the social networking world.   

What do you guys think??


Matty O

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