Friday, 7 September 2012

Tutorial Tasks

This week’s blog requires us to perform a number of tasks, below are the tasks were required to do.

Sign an e-petition
I decided to sign a petition to save jobs at the Tallebudgera Active Recreation Centre.  I believe it is important that we provide locals with job opportunities and in this particular case the option for the current caterer who is local to the Gold Coast.  The tender in place would not allow the current caterer to reapply for the position and therefore would result in numerous locals losing their job.

What is Barak Obama up to today?
Today Barak Obama accepted the nomination for four more years as the American President and spoke about the critical choice the USA face in this election.  I have attached below, the link to his website where you can watch his acceptance speech that he made.

On this website you are able to sign up to it and use it as a way to contact Obama and put forward any suggestions you may have.

What are the Australian Government's plans to censor the internet (the so-called "Clean Feed")?
The Australian Government plan to censor numerous websites that are on a blacklist of banned internet websites.  The blacklists includes websites that contain material such sexual violence and instructions on crime.  The list will be put together using a public complaint program, from censors put together by the government websites that will be provided by International Agencies.

For more information on the Government’s plan to censor the internet follow the link below.

What place does censorship have in a democracy?
For me personally I don’t think there is any room for censorship within democracy.  An article I read (and have posted below) is written about a bill that have been entered into the New South Wales Upper House to make it illegal for a person to wear a face covering in public without any reasonable excuse.  This law could be otherwise known as the “burqa ban”.  Growing up in a very multicultural community, I don’t believe it is fair to take away people’s right to follow their religion.  I have always looked at Australia as being a country where you have the right to make your own choices as long as you abide by the laws and legislations.  In this case I don’t see any problem with someone wearing a burqa as part of their culture’s religion and think it is completely wrong to force people to go against what they know and not allow them to follow their religion.

What are the benefits of NBN?
The NBN is short for the National Broadband Network and is a telecommunication network that the NBN Co limited is constructing.  The NBN is a network that will allow everyone to have access to a hi-speed link between their premise and service provider, the service is projected to be completed by 2021.  At the start the NBN will just be used for providing hi speed internet and phone calls, but future benefits will include the possibility of TV being delivered over the NBN and a selection of more in-home services.

Find out who your local, state and federal representatives are.
Local Member: Stuart Robert.
State Member for Broadwater: Miss Verity Barton.
Federal Member: Karen Andrews.

Look up the Queensland or Australian Hansard to find the last time your local member spoke in parliament
The last time Verity Barton spoke in parliament was on 31th July when she spoke about the Penalties and Sentences and other Legislation Amendment Bill.

Below is a copy of her latest speech.

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