Friday, 7 September 2012

WikiLeaks....Good or Evil?

WikiLeaks is a non-profit organisation that publishes secret governmental information, leaks news that wouldn’t normally be released and media that have been handed to them by anonymous sources, wikileaks was founded in 2006 and released its first document in December of that year.  Since then it has been in the headlines for the release of many controversial government files that had been kept from the public including those on Guantanamo Bay, the Afghanistan war logs and the US embassy cables.  But is this website a force for good or evil? Well I guess that depends what side of the spectrum you are on.  If you are the American Government then of course you look at wikileaks as a force of evil but on the other hand if you are an ordinary citizen you have to wonder why the Government is withholding this information and would probably see it as a good thing.  Personally I am a bit on the fence about the whole thing.  On one hand it is annoying that these governments want you to vote for them but hide potentially very important facts but on the other hand I can’t help but think there may be a reason certain information is kept under wraps.  It’s a very interesting topic if you ask me!

Well that’s it from me this week.


Matty O

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